MICCO :: Quality Policy

MICCO LLC. is an independent Logistics & Travel service provider delivering wide range of transport, logistics, supply chain solutions & travel reservation activities. Our mission is to be closer to our customers, we will invest & deploy the right technology- enabled solutions so that we are always one step ahead in providing services. Our vision to pursue service excellence by establishing highly acclaimed logistics solutions that set the industry benchmark in the region while aiming to exceed client’s expectations. We believe in “Customer Comes First” philosophy & we are firmly committed to protect the health, safety & welfare of all employees, subcontractors, stakeholders, & visitors of our organization


  • Comply with all applicable statutory, federal & local OHSSE laws & regulations in UAE & Abu Dhabi OHS Centre beside other international standard & client requirement
  • Promote a positive security & code of conduct culture through active participation of all employees & subcontractors will strive to manage HSE risks with the goal of preventing accidents, injuries occupational illnesses & minimizing environmental pollution & aspects/impact arising from its activities.
  • Ensure the continual improvement by monitoring & reviewing the set QHSSE objectives, targets, & Key Performance Indicators & to ensure this policy is periodically reviewed & communicated with the interested parties.
  • Protect the assets of MICCO, client, subcontractor & stakeholders & other external parties from vandalism, theft &loss
  • Identify potential risks & significant impacts related to MICCO’s business & to establish effective risk management
    program for environmental & occupational health & safety related activities.
  • Strive to prevent injuries, illness of all involved parties in MICCO’s business & to increase the awareness on the behavior
    based safety (BBS) via coaching, workshops communication & feedbacks.
  • Safeguard the integrity of high value & proprietary information given into custody & protect hazardous products against any
    loss by intentional destruction or theft.
  • Take necessary actions for enhancement of health & wellbeing of the employees & contractors of MICCO Logistics.
  • Ensure the communication, participation & consultation of all OHSSE aspects & impacts.
  • Encourage employees, contractors & sub-contractors to have positive QHSSE culture by provision of resources, effective
    awareness meetings, seminar, & workshops during observation tours, audits & inspections.
  • Report, investigate incidents & nonconformities and propose appropriate corrections, correctives & preventives actions.
  • Ensure MICCO has a zero-tolerance policy in place for employees who consume alcohol or drugs

Defeat any type of discrimination & ensure all employees regardless of their beliefs, origins, gender & profession are

treated the same

Values Of Service

The Values of Service represent what MICCO stands for & provide guidance for all processes within our organization. We support the communication, both internally & externally with customers & other stakeholders to create transparency in terms of Safety, Customer Care, Professionalism, Sustainability & Agility


Our commitment comes first from the Managing Director & All Managerial Staff through the belief that it is the responsibility of every individual employee of MICCO